Wall Charger outlet for USB devices

Wall Charger outlet for USB devices

Wall Charger outlet for USB devicesHave you ever wondered if you could charge your smartphone, tablet or any other USB device simply by plugging it into a wall socket? Well, now you can. And for that all you need to do is replace one or more of your standard electrical wall socket outlets with a neat little Wall Charger outlet for USB devices

You can purchase one of these low-cost USB charging sockets that also come with normal AC power sockets and then call an electrician to install them for you. If you possess basic electrical knowledge you can do it yourself.

Important: If you DO NOT have basic electrical skills you should hire someone to install your charging outlets or purchase USB charging wall plates instead (see the paragraph below). I don’t want you to get any electrical shocks!

If you are hesitant about changing your existing wall outlets, you can opt for a USB Wall Charging Plate that simply plugs into the existing outlet and doubles up as a USB socket for the same purposes.

This way or that way, you’ll no longer have to deal with bulky chargers hanging from your wall sockets. Simply plug your device directly into the outlet with any standard mini USB cable and charge it easily!

If you are looking for a high-quality USB charger unit that can be plugged anywhere and can charge 6 devices simultaneously then read this review of mine about the Photive USB charger that can eliminate the need to carry separate chargers for different devices.


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