soloshouterI am sure many of you would have taken well planned measures to keep your house safe from burglars while either going to your office or on an vacation. Unfortunately, that is the modern day reality of the times we live in. And, a pertinent step in this direction is to install a good alarm system.

My suggestion is to also enhance it with an IP Camera that can help you to keep an eye on your house using your you-guessed-it-right, smartphone, tablet, PC or Laptop.

These IP Cameras work with a simple concept of transmitting video and/or images to your WiFi router and this helps in monitoring your house (or wherever you have installed the IP camera) from anywhere in the world via your smartphone.

Moreover, some cameras also allow the captured data to be stored on a memory card, a networked PC or hard disk or on cloud storage like Dropbox etc.

The good news is that there are inexpensive IP cameras too which you can install at multiple vantage points without worrying about the costs.

And if you are worrying about the technicalities of installing an IP camera, rest assured that it does not involve running cables or drilling holes – You just need to fix them up securely so that they do not fall off from their perch.

All you need is electricity and high speed internet connection with a WiFi router to safeguard your treasured assets, living or non-living.

TIP #1: You can use an IP camera to monitor a new born baby, babysitters, servants, kids, pets, or even geriatric patients at home.

TIP #2: You can also monitor an empty vacant land or building that you may have purchased but are unable to visit on a regular basis.


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