Turn your old tablet into digital photo frame

Turn your old tablet into digital photo frame

Turn your old tablet into digital photo frameHave you ever felt the urge to buy a new tablet but held back since you already had an old Tablet lying unused at home? This would have happened many times and by the time you debated on the morality or ethics of buying another one you would have probably made your mind not to… delay buying the new Tablet.

Well if you are like me this happens once or twice a year and depending on how famous you are you would have probably gifted your old tablets to kids who would have been thrilled (to say the least).

However I faced a problem with that idea too and that is teh reason why I am writing this post.

The problem is that I had an old Karbonn Cosmic 10 tab that worked fine for 3-4 months and then I decided to sell it to a friend for a reduced price. To cut a long story short – two things happened. The tablet malfunctioned along with my friend of 10 years who thought I had conned him.

I was not in favor of losing my friend so I bought it back and saw that there was an hardware issue with it that made it almost dead (since the charger was not working). I gave it to the company for a warranty claim and they returned it back after a good 3-4 months of follow up in a ‘working’ state. I was happy to see it purring back to life. However my joy was short-lived and I could see that it had some touch issues with the screen.

So now the option of gifting it to someone was also lost. How could I gift a malfunctioning tab?

That is when I decided to make use of what best it could do and guess what? I was able to use it as a photo frame!!!

How to turn your old tablet into digital photo frame?

To do that like me you need to install an app called Dayframe for Android


Digital Photo Frame for Ipad.

Just install them and run the app.

Convert your favorite pics into a never ending slideshow of pics and have fun!

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