Tips to improve Wi-Fi signal strength and distance at home

Tips to improve Wi-Fi signal strength and distance at home. Are you facing the same problems that Dave is facing (poor Wi-fi speeds most of the time)? Read below…Tips to improve Wi-Fi signal strength and distance at home

Question by Dave Ramisson Nipps: Dear GB. I have a problem that I seem to unable to solve how much ever I try. I am not able to use the full speed of my Hi-speed Broadband that I just installed at my house. You see the problem is that I use all types of devices like Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops wherever I feel like as I am a writer by profession and also conduct classes online. It was the main reason to get a high-speed Fibernet Broadband (100Mbps) installed at my place. However I am not happy looking at the speeds that are available over Wi-Fi unless I am sitting in the same room as my Wi-Fi Router is installed. Is there a way out so that I can get top-notch speeds at almost all corners of my house? Thanks in advance!

Reply: Dear Dave, as a matter of fact there are many ways to get good results! It’s difficult for your Wi-Fi connection to reach all the corners of your house, let alone the hall, and beyond. To take your WI-fi signal to the distance, you’ll need to consider boosting your Wi-Fi signal.

The following products, hacks and tips will ensure your Wi-Fi available wherever you are.

Use these Tips to improve Wi-Fi signal strength and distance at home

1. Switch over to the new 802.11n – faster standard of WiFi signal transmission if your router supports it.

This can be done by changing the router’s broadcast mode in the router homepage. Try using the new 802.11n standard broadcast if your router supports it in place of 802.11a/b/g (which it will do if it is a new or recently bought one). The new 802.11n mode offers a much larger reach area and signal strength. You can get such routers that support 802.11n here.

2. Place the Router at a perfect vantage spot.

Routers must be placed in the center of the house for for better coverage and best results. Better to keep them clear from any walls/obstructions. The antennas should be kept vertical and the router may be placed at a higher distance from the floor for obstruction-free broadcast range. Distance too can be an issue in boosting WiFi signal so don’t be too far away from your router. A wireless router has a range of about 30.5 meters.

3. Convert an Old Router Into a WiFi Repeater

You can also convert an old wireless router to function as a repeater. A repeater is as the name implies, used to increase and boost the range of your signal by re-transmitting or repeating the signal over a distance. Owing to its efficiency, repeaters are increasingly becoming common and are available separately in case you don’t have an old router.

4. Try using a Powerline adapter for extending WI-FI.

You can use a Powerline Wi-Fi Extender Kit to provide fast wired and wireless connections to any part of your home without having to run any new wires. These nifty tech devices are my favorite as they are easy to install in just a few minutes, and they work extremely well.

You can even use these kits to extend your Wi-Fi network to a faraway garden spot or garage or other outbuildings like servant’s quarters etc,  as long as the other building is using home’s main Electric panel!

These kits typically consist of two devices: a Powerline Ethernet Adapter and a Wireless Network Extender. And fixing them is real child’s play!

1 – Connect the Powerline Ethernet Adapter to your router with an Ethernet (LAN) cable, then plug the device into any nearby electrical outlet.

2 – Plug the Wireless Network Extender into any electrical outlet in the part of the house where you wish to extend your Wi-Fi network to.

However the only minus is that it will not work if you are not using the same Electricity panel as your house’s because it uses the power cables to transmit the Wi-Fi signal.

There are a number of Powerline Networking / Wi-Fi Extender Kits to choose from, but the one that I recommend is the Actiontec Wireless Network Extender Plus Powerline Network Adapter 500 Kit.
Note: This product is not yet available in India so you can try the US Amazon page given above.

Tips to improve Wi-Fi signal strength and distance at homeI hope these Tips to improve Wi-Fi signal strength and distance at home will help you to overcome Wi-Fi signal losses and if all else fails its time to switch to this TP-LINK AC3200 router! The fastest and strongest router as of now.

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