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Hello Gadget Bhai!

I am Gautam Jha, class 10 Student of New Delhi. I have saved up for my upcoming birthday purchase plans. I am not able to decide on Sony PS 4 or Xbox One or Gaming PC – what to buy first? Please help me to take the right decision.

Hey Gautam.

Assuming that you are able to spend around 40K (as the price of Xbox One and PS4 are in that range), I would suggest going in for a gaming PC as it would pay you back in the long run. Before explaining why I suggested a gaming PC, let us talk about the cons of PS4 and Xbox One.

These gaming consoles are purely for gaming purposes and since you do not have a PC to begin with, I want you to fill that void ASAP. The problem with these gaming consoles is that they have a huge running cost by way of all the new gaming DVD’s that you would need to purchase. You cannot run a game without inserting the original gaming DVD and another factor is that some of these also have a online playing community that needs a paid subscription to be a part of. So, a gaming console starting at approx. 40K will not be sufficient to keep up the pleasure-momentum on a sustained basis.

At one point of time, there may be a situation when your gaming console will lie ideal for lack of new DVD’s due to their prohibitive costs.

Now coming to the PC, my suggestion was based purely on the fact that you need all technical help to cross your scholastic exams (and various competitive exams in future) for which a PC is a must.

How about getting the best of both worlds?

We build a PC that will support gaming and also help with your studies. And the parts we need are all decent specs available here in India.

A PC will let you play more than just ‘current generation’ games – mainly it can be interesting to try out games from the past. If there are too few PS4 games that interest you, then a PC is a decent alternative.

Here is my suggested configuration [Hover over the links to see price]:

Cabinet: Deepcool-Tesseract-Tower-Computer-Case

SMPS (PSU): Corsair-VS-VS450-Watt-SMPS

Motherboard: MSI-B85M-G43

Processor: Intel-i3-4150-LGA-1150

RAM: Gskill-1600MHz-F3-12800CL9S-4GBSR-SNIPER-Desktop

GPU: Sapphire-11215-01-40G-R7-250-2GB

Monitor: DELL-S2240L-21-5-IN-LED

Keyboard: Bundled with mouse (see below)

Mouse: Logitech-MK220-Wireless-Keyboard-Mouse

Speakers: None

HDD: Western-Digital-WD30EZRX-Desktop-Internal

For something slightly advanced and tad costlier:

Cabinet: Antec-X1-T-Transparent

SMPS(PSU): Cooler-Master-Thunder-Power-Supply

Processor: AMD-FX-8320-core-processor

Motherboard: Gigabyte-GA-970A-DS3P-Motherboard

RAM: Adata-4GB-DDR3-Desktop-Ram

GPU: Sapphire-11215-01-40G-R7-250-2GB

Monitor: Your LCD or LED TV or BenQ EW2440L 24-inch LED Monitor

Keyboard: Logitech-MK200-Media-Wired-Keyboard

Mouse: Bundled with Keyboard (see above).

Speakers: Creative-GigaWorks-T20-II-multimedia

HDD: Seagate-Barracuda-Desktop-Internal-Drive

Bottom-Line: If you are gearing for the gaming experience then go for a PC first. Later when things appear boring and repetitive you can consider going for the gaming consoles like Sony PS4 and or XBox One. They are dedicated gaming GPUs and will make out for the additional cost by way of better quality in gaming experience.

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