Sony MDR XB-450AP Extra Bass Headphones

Sony MDR XB-450AP Extra Bass Headphones

Sony MDR XB-450AP Extra Bass Headphones
Sony MDR XB-450AP (with mic)

The Sony MDR XB-450AP Extra Bass Headphones with Mic will blow your mind off. I know that sounds clichéd but that is what I felt when I first plugged it in my Xiaomi Redmi Note phone. Then came all other devices that I needed to check – Yureka, MI4i, Micromax Turbo, Xolo Q800, Micromax Canvas 116 and Bolt A 48.

Then I needed to check the inbuilt Mic with Skype in Laptop and phones. The simplest way to describe this cutie is – it will blow your mind off. It is capable of noise isolation that suppresses unwanted noise and in layman terms I would say that it is worth every single currency unit.

There is a small story behind this statement. I first wanted to use this for my online classes in my Chess Academy and I was usually wasting my time and money in unknown products that did not perform well enough in terms of noise suppression.

Then I did look at online sites that rated these audio devices based on user feed back.

My only regret is that I could have saved on the cost by buying it online instead of buying it impulsively at a ‘Digital’ store that sold on MRP (Max selling price) which was way beyond the price at Amazon.

Coming to the pros:

It has superb cushioned upholstered earpieces that sit snugly around the ears. Here you must experiment with the curvature adjustment so that it does not press too hard on the ear-lobes. I have to pull it out completely to make it cover the er-lobes properly. Maybe the bigger brain (sign of higher IQ?) is a rarity.

Its jack is a L-shaped gold-plated 4-conductore mini pin that for a change will not poke out of the pant pockets. The bonus is that this pin has a remote function while connected with the phone (there is also a only-headphone variant the Sony MDR XB-450 Extra Bass that comes without the mic at a lesser price).

The cable is flat tangle-free one so you can be sure that you will not be messing up on it when in a hurry.


The only one that I can think of is its portability. Its a pity that I cannot slug it around when I go for my morning walk or stroll outside on the road as it is bigger than the sleek in-ear headphones. Anyways that is not a problem per se but I just had to mention it as it was a small cause for regret for me – having tasted the quality of this one, the other earphones seemed dull and lifeless.

Click here to buy the product at Amazon and be sure to read the positive reviews too.

Sony MDR XB-450AP Extra Bass HeadphonesTip – I found that to remember which side is left and which side is right while fixing the headphone. I just have to hold the headphones’ ear-parts flat while facing me and then strap it on the head. If you do it wrongly the head piece will not turn completely and stop at an angle – this is the wrong way to strap.

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