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Send Anywhere – The simplest way to Send files Anywhere

Send Anywhere 2Send Anywhere – Transfer your files anywhere – want to transfer files between your different devices with different OS? Send Anywhere works by pairing two devices with a 6 digit code and transfers files instantly via best available network between the devices. This is a boon for those who do not have any USB OTG cables or for different branded devices that have different OS.

You need an Internet connection so that the Send Anywhere app can communicate with their servers. Send Anywhere uses whatever Internet connection is available on your device—whether it be WiFi or cellular.

So if you are connected to the Internet via a cellular service, Send Anywhere will use your data plan which means your data volume will be taken up.

Send Anywhere 1Send Anywhere uses SSL encryption on their website and mobile apps. However, keep the temporarily generated 6-digit key secure from others as it is the one that authenticates your devices amongst each other. But the good part is that this 6 digit key changes for every usage.

You can get enhanced numerical and alphabetical security keys through the application’s settings. Sending files through Send Anywhere is completely secure because the files are never stored on any servers. Instead, they are transferred directly via a peer-to-peer network connection between devices on the same network.

If the devices are in remote locations or in different networks, the p2p path may sometimes fail. In these instances, Send Anywhere finds the most effective node-server to pass through without storing any files.

The process for uploading files for later download follows the same convention as a normal upload/download process. The maximum allotted file storage time is 24 hours so there is no need to worry about security.

Basically Send Anywhere transfers files using a p2p connection if both the devices are in the same network. If either device is using 3G, 4G, or 4G LTE then it depends on physical distance, carrier network’s base station strength and all those factors that help in speed.

For Apple users – the shared music files will not be available on your native music application which means that you will NOT be able to play them. iOS does not allow 3rd party apps to save music files – you can only do this via an iTunes connection.

Also iOS does not allow 3rd party apps to move your music files in your Apple device to other devices.

Download it for your device or computer here.


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