Save power – Say Goodbye to Electronic Leeches

You may be surprised to know that your power consumption bill is home to many unsuspecting sources of power wastage that can be removed if you just knew this simple fact about ‘Electronic Leeches‘ (that’s right you heard it first here). There is a tendency to ignore switching off small devices like adapters and chargers that are permanently switched on and also the UPS that is almost always ‘on’. But now you can Save power – Say Goodbye to Electronic Leeches. How?

We think that the small devices do not consume much power. But let me tell you that our electrical supplies are actually being sucked by these ‘electronic leeches’. They are slowly draining the power lines and we would be blissfully paying more since these days we are being charged on a slab rate by rhe electricity department… atleast till now.

A list of ‘Electronic leeches’:

The most common leech is the small charger or power adapter that is plugged 24/7 in the wall socket sipping current, even when there is no device connected or is not switched on. 

If your house has a many of them plugged in 24 hours everyday, that would add up to kilowatts being added to your power bill every month!

Other “leeches” include TVs, high speed broadband modems/routers, laptops, computers, printers, speakers, kitchen/bathroom appliances and a plethora of household electronic devices.

As long as these devices/appliances remain plugged in to a power outlet they will continue draining electricity even when the devices are switched off.


The best way to prevent this wastage from our houses it to unplug the devices from their electrical outlets when not in use. Period.

If they are far away from reach or hidden buy a power strip (or even better, a surge suppressor strip) makes it easy to “unplug” several devices at once simply by unplugging the power plug from the wall socket or switching off the power strip

As far as possible avoid charging the devices in the night. This will allow you to save on wastage when the devices reach full charge within 2-3 hours but you will be asleep to switch off the adapter. There is another advantage to this system. That is safety from thunder and lightning charge entering your homes and destroying gadgets worth thousands of bucks. Better to be safe than sorry!

Bottom-line: While there is an activity involved with regular unplugging and re-plugging, trust me it isn’t all that big a deal when you consider the benefits. If saving money on your power bill and protecting your expensive gadgets from lightning strikes is important to you, then you need to walk this path and enlighten others via social media.

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