Portronics UFO Home Charger 6 Ports 8A Charging Station

Portronics UFO Home Charger 6 Ports 8A Monster Charger – Charging Station.

Portronics UFO Home Charger 6 Ports 8A Charging StationA huge necessity in today’s world as we carry multiple smart devices at any given time. Tablets, Smartphone’s, Kindles, iPads, Headsets, Cameras and what not. There are so many gadgets that need to be charged-up to ensure that they operate properly. Worry no more, Portronics UFO Home Charger 6 Ports 8A Charging Station is here.

What if you can have a convenience of charging your devices through a single multi port charger? Instead of having a plethora of chargers all over the house, Portronics brings the most economical solution for charging the devices through one single device, UFO Home Charge 8A. This is one of the best innovative steps in this situation.

Now one can charge upto 6 devices at a time with just having the charging cables.

Highlights of Portronics UFO Home Charger 6 Ports 8A Charging Station:

  • 6 USB ports with 8A output for simultaneously charging smartphones and tablets.
  • Built-in smart IC, intelligently identify each connected device and speak its language
  • Guaranteeing the fastest charge time for every device (up to 8 Amps among 6 ports)
  • Over-voltage, Over-current, short-circuit protection design, safety approval.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Fully charged protection automatically
  • Special feature – Power status LED indicator (that also doubles up as a cute night lamp!)

This charger is fast enough to charge any power hungry device.

To read the positive reviews you can visit this page at amazon and check out for yourself!

This is a new generation extension board for all 5V devices that brings extreme convenience to all our homes and offices.So don’t miss this essential charging solution!


Cons: No warranty of any kind.

USB cableAnd if you need cables for going with this charger, try the MTTĀ® [3 – Pack] 1.2 meter Premium Micro USB to USB Cable High Speed USB 2.0 Male A to Micro B for Android.


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