Mouse Tricks – Hacking the mouse – Do you know these simple tricks?

Who does not know how to use the simple mouse? Every computer user is aware of the basic functionality of the mouse and there is no need for anyone to know more than that, right? Wrong. There is a lot more to than left-clicking and right-clicking your mouse’s buttons than just visiting links and opening programs. Mouse Tricks – Hacking the mouse – Let’s see if you know these simple tricks? Every computer user is aware of the basic uses of the mouse. So what are these hacks?

If after reading you find even one tip is useful to you – please share!

Mouse Tricks - Hacking the mouse

Here are my handy li’l tips that will save you some time. And better control of work-flow.

These are the 11 handy mouse tricks that you might not be aware of:

1 – Double-click on a word to select it. This is a lot faster than clicking on the first letter of a word and then dragging the mouse pointer to the end of that word. This is very useful in my field as a Chess arbiter when there is a lot of copy/pasting to be done.

2 – Triple-click on a word to instantly select the entire paragraph that contains it. This is a lot faster than clicking on the first letter in the paragraph, holding the Shift key, then clicking on the last letter in the paragraph. Try it now and see; you will be amazed!

3 – Click the mouse wheel on a link (press down on it with your finger) to open a link in a new window or tab. This is lot faster and easier than by holding the Ctrl key while you click the link – which is something not many of you may be aware.

4 – Hold the Ctrl key while rolling the mouse wheel to zoom in or out and change the font size. Hold the Ctrl key and press the 0 key (that’s zero, not the letter O) to return the zoom level and font size to their original states. You can try it on your desktop icons (will work only in Windows 7 OS and newer ones. Will not work in Windows XP)

5 – Holding Shift Key to Select Text. Most of you know that one can select a sequence of files and folders by holding the Shift key and left-clicking the first and the last file/folder. This tricks also works on selecting text on documents like MS Word, Notepad or just any other text editor. Don’t believe me? Try it and see 🙂

6 – Holding Ctrl Key to Select Multiple sentences or string of words. Have you ever wanted to select many blocks of text on a document? How do you do it? Here’s how – keep the Ctrl key pressed on the keyboard while selecting any text. Now, keeping it still pressed, select another block of text and so on. This helps a lot when you are editing a word document.

7 – Holding Shift Shows Extended Context Menu –  The right-click context menu seen on any file or folder that has been right-clicked allows us to perform various actions on the said files and folders. But did you know that there are some hidden options in it? The trick to access these hidden menus is to keep the shift key pressed while right-clicking on a file or folder. See for yourself!

8 – Maximizing open windows with Mouse – I usually double click on the center of the title bar in order to maximize the said window. Try it if you were unaware of it till now!

9 – Closing Browser Tabs easily – A nifty trick I learnt today! Just click the scroll centre wheel on any tab and poof – it will close immediately! Neat eh?!

10 – Want More Drag and Drop Options? All of us are pretty much used to the drag and drop action of the mouse. But have you ever tried doing the same action with the mouse right key? Try it for some helpful menus. Especially on archive files (.zip or .rar)

11 – Hold Alt to Select Text vertically or in a column – Have you ever tried to select text vertically on a Word document? And were you able to do that successfully or ended up wasting lot of time? Here is the way to do it simply – just press the ALT button and select any text chunks that are vertically placed. I know you will want to thank me for this.

Hope you liked it. Please share if you found these tips handy. And if there are some more tips that you might like to share please post in a comment or email me. I will include your name in the edits.

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