MI 4i Magic Focus – Shoot first, focus later

MI 4i Magic Focus – Shoot first, focus later

MI 4i Magic Focus - Shoot first, focus later

MI 4i Magic Focus – Shoot first, focus later

MI 4i Magic Focus - Shoot first, focus laterI discovered this feature almost by accident and strangely it has not been reported or talked about – atleast not that I know of. So what is this feature? MI 4i Camera – Shoot first, focus later is the ability to shift the focal point of a pic after it has been taken. Surprising? Read on.

It was an almost weird experience as I have never seen it before in any smart phone that I had used. I love taking photos and MI4i has this feature aptly named as ‘Magic focus’!

Basically what you do is take a shot first and decide later on, where the focus and depth of field should be. Imagine what this means? This means to get fully creative in photo taking and play editing with unlimited angles!

One word of experience – this works well if you take photos of objects that are situated at different distinctly separated points in the field of observation.

This feature will not appear so striking if all the subjects are at the same approximate distance from the lens. So a group photo will not do.

TIP: Make the subjects stand separate from each other so that the distance between them will be a challenge to focus; the same with inanimate objects that will have to placed far apart. This way the beauty of this feature will enthrall you.

Not just a fully-featured camera, but
a great camera to tickle the Budding photographer in all of us.

The hobby photographer will love the myriads of features such as two-tone flash that calculates the amount of white and yellow light to emit when the flash goes off, so images look natural and beautiful even with flash.

Then there is the Quick Exposure adjustment.

MI 4i Magic Focus - Shoot first, focus laterExposure adjustment basically allows you to choose your focus and then fix the exposure value levels to enhance manually.

Burst mode is good for moving or action shots.

You can even snap pictures using sound control. It’s fun, easy, and will make you fall in love with photography all over again.


MI 4i Magic Focus - Shoot first, focus later

My personal favorite is the ability to make a face appear free of blemishes while in the act of shooting a pic. The transformation is surreal!

A fun feature is the approximate age that is shown in the screen when you are snapping a person’s face. I have been almost correctly tagged and that is a surprise how the MI 4i guys did that!

Lastly I am still exploring the Manual mode that gives great freedom to frame your photo the way you like. You can chose the white balance, focus, shutter speed, ISO and exposure value. all these options are right there on the screen!

Mi 4i produces images with almost professional quality using a 13MP Sony/Samsung camera with f/2.0 aperture and 5-element lens. Really quick to start-up, and easy to use, it’s the best way to record all of life’s special moments when you don’t have a DSLR or not within reach of one.