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Locate your missing cat with this – Pet Handheld Finder Locator

This device screams raw functionality and 100% happiness quotient for all cat owners who love their pets. The agony you see on the face of a pet-owner when he has lost his pet is unbearable. Worry no more as you can now locate your missing cat with this cool and useful gadget. It is like the loss of a family member.

While we humans can search for a way out in unknown terrain pets have to face a lot of problems on their own, especially cats.

Looking at the Amazon site for something to groom my pet my eyes fell on this nifty little gadget that seems to do just the job.

I am sharing this information to you all in case you have a cat as a pet.

cat locatorWhat this device will do is to locate your cat wherever he/she is hiding due to fear (or losing the way back) and help you reach the pet’s location.

It will work upto 122 meters /400 feet (clear line of sight) and will also guide your search in the right direction. What’s more, many people have reported that their pets now understand that the beeping of the collar signifies that the owners are searching for them and the pets instantly come back home. Looks like pets get the hint and the technology seems to render this aspect as a side functionality.

It’s unique technology helps you with both audio and visual hints to guide you to your pet.

 The kit comes bundled with two transmitters (called tags since you tie them around your pet) and one receiver (the handheld device that lets a beep sound). The receiver has four individual buttons so as to fix up to four individual tags to. So if you have more than two pets you need to buy tags separately (can use 4 tags with one receiver at max).

This product is very useful for all pet lovers but there is room to experiment too.

The first thought that comes to my mind is to use it to track people with difficulty remembering their address (those with Alzheimer’s). Read this page for more info on Alzheimer’s disease. It is very disturbing if a family member has this ailment. I know of a family who were stressed out with this problem so I understand the agony.

Will it help in such cases? Write in with your feedback and how it has helped you – I will be very happy to hear your comments.

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