How to open “My Computer” with the keyboardThe desktop of almost all computers has a “My Computer” icon which opens up the file explorer window (aka windows explorer) when you click on it. This feature is one of the most used components of Windows which means that many of us click on it several times a day. Here is a tip: There is a super-fast way how to open “My Computer” with the keyboard without using the mouse. Amaze your friends and look nerdy 🙂

Simply press the “Windows” key and the “E” key at the same time on the keyboard. The “Windows” key is typically located at the lower left corner of the keyboard below the alphabet “Z”(see diagram at right).

And what if the My computer icon is missing from the Desktop?
We have a solution for that too. Here’s how:
1 – Right-click on an empty area of the Desktop.
2 – Click Personalize.
3 – Click Change Desktop Icons.
4 – Check the box beside Computer in the menu window that pops up. You can choose to either display or hide any of the icons listed inside this window simply by checking or unchecking them.
5 – Click Ok.

A small seemingly insignificant tip that many of us probably do not use but it does speed up if you are a heavy user. For more such tips with the mouse please read


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