How to add a second monitor to a PC

How to add a second monitor to a PC even when it has just one VGA port?

How to add a second monitor to a PCIt is a very useful feature of PC’s and Laptops nowadays to have a graphics card that allows one to connect a second monitor. Why a second monitor you may ask.

Well, a second monitor will boost your productivity to a great extent if you are a heavy user.

Heavy usage denotes more than 5-6 hours of PC usage like checking the internet for mails or answers to questions or even a company related work that needs to be connected to the company intranet.

In other words if you are constantly minimizing and maximizing different applications when you do some sort of multi-tasking then you will feel the benefits of a second monitor (or even a third monitor).

One option is to use something like a splitter that will let you hook up two monitors to one video port but the result wouldn’t be helpful.


Since both monitors would be sharing a single VGA port, they would both display the same exact image. This could be useful if you wanted a duplicated image for presentation using a projector, but other than that it would likely be pointless for day to day use.

What we can do instead is add an extra graphics video card to your PC if there is such a possibility, and then connect two or more monitors, each of which will display their own image.

But before you go buying a Graphics card, look up the specs for your PC’s model number if it is branded (or otherwise use a program like speccy in case of an assembled PC – click on motherboard in the left panel and see the complete specs on the right side where it says PCI-e or something similar)) and see what kind of free expansion slot it has available. Then purchase a video card that will be compatible for that slot.

You’ll find an excellent selection of graphics cards on Amazon. Choose according to your budget; you really don’t need an expensive one if its not too demanding a task that you intend to use it for.

Click here to check out some cool cards.

Caveat: Be sure to check the specs of the card(s) before you buy one.In case you have a monitor that has only DVI and HDMI inputs then it makes sense to but a card that has a VGA and a DVI or HDMI output slot.

How to add a second monitor to a PC

For e.g; this one here has all three connectors: VGA, DVI, HDMI and is good enough for simple non-intensive (no gaming) scenario.

So choose according to your usage and requirements.

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