Default Printer for specific programs

Default Printer for specific programs


Change Default Printer for specific programs automatically – Here is how

Default Printer for specific programs
How to solve my problem?

Question form B. Lal: Dear Gadget Bhai – I have this scenario at my Wholesale and Retail business premise. I need to use three different printers for three separate purposes. One thermal printer for retail billing, one bare bones HP laser printer for wholesale invoices and one laser printer with separate trays for my emails/docs. How can I change the default printer for a specific program so that, every time I use a program for any of my above purposes, it automatically prints in the printer allocated specifically for that task? To be more specific – how to set the default printer automatically for different applications.

Gadget Bhai’s reply – Hi B. Lal! A very interesting question – something that is a challenge for most of use (and our usual response is to resign to the fate of manually changing the default printer in the Device manager settings).

I find it strange that with all the latest tweaks that Windows OS has undergone this feature is still lacking! It is not possible directly to set a default printer for the three or more applications that you may use using normal windows settings or by going to device manager.

To summarize – you have multiple printers connected to the computer and want to use a separate printer for different print jobs. Suppose you want to use “Printer 1” when printing a Retail invoice, “Printer 2” when printing a wholesale invoice, and “Printer 3” for emails or personal use. Instead of having to manually switch the default printer, wouldn’t it be easy if you can do it automatically for you?

Yes there is one software for such purposes. Here is how to solve the problem of automatically setting default printers for different apps.

Dream Host

It is called Automatic Printer Switcher, and as the name says, it is a tool where you can map a printer to a specific program window.

The APS application will start monitoring the open window and make the specified printer, the default one.

You can download it from here.

Click on the Download button.








After that you will have to click on the External mirror link in the next window.








Now run the installer and after it completes, launch the APS.

First thing that you must do is to open the three software applications and keep them minimized.

Now once you run the APS program, click ‘Add Program’ and a new window will pop up listing all your open program windows (that you previously minimized). Select one window from the list and choose the printer before clicking ‘Add Mapping’.

Default Printer for specific programs
APS Program window

Tip: In case your program is not listed properly then close them and re-open them one by one and see how they appear in the list. Alternatively, you can start to set the default printer in one of the known applications (like Firefox) so that the list gets refreshed automatically.

After allocating a specific printer for a specific application, you will find all printers mapped with the windows and listed on the main interface. You can also edit the list to change the printer, remove a program, or set a default printer again.

Default Printer for specific programs
How APS program window looks

After you minimize this APS program, it sits silently in the system tray monitoring the open windows.

All you have to do now is, click the Print button in any application and the APS program will automatically assign the mapped printer as default, and use it to print the documents.

Remember not to close or exit the APS program as otherwise you will not be able to set the default printers automatically for specific programs.

Bottom line: It is a useful tool for heavy users, business users and corporate houses since they do not have to worry about wrongly printing a document in a different printer and losing ink and paper.

Since there aren’t any complex settings, the entire process can be set up even by less experienced people and is not rocket science.

The application is not portable, meaning it has to installed in your PC and not in the USB drive.

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 and 8. We tested it on our system running Windows 8.1, 64-bit.

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I hope this helps B. Lal. Good luck!


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