Case Logic JDS-6 USB Drive Shuttle

Case Logic JDS-6 USB Drive Shuttle with Capacity of holding 6 USB pen drives – Black or Blue

Case Logic JDS-6 USB Drive ShuttleMost of us have more than 4 to 5 pen drives not counting the USB Wi-Fi adapters and Bluetooth Dongles. And there is always a lack of proper storage kit to keep them all safe together so that they are not misplaced and available easily when needed. Now there is one nifty little product where you can keep up to six USB drives in this case for easy access and organization. The Case Logic JDS-6 USB Drive Shuttle bag is a Folio style storage for USB drives and small accessories.

It has a zipper that secures your gadgets properly so you that can be sure they won’t fall out.

Case Logic JDS-6 USB Drive ShuttleWhat’s more, each USB drive slides into nylon mesh pockets.

The Case Logic JDS-6 USB Drive Shuttle Case is made up of nylon material with a neoprene exterior to safeguard your Pen drives.

I personally use it for housing a USB card reader, blue tooth dongle, small USB hub and . I still have room left for two different USB cables too, so I can keep everything I need in one place.

What’s more the pen drives are firmly held in place instead of wobbling around had it been packed in a polythene pouch.

As far as product life is concerned, I’ve had this thing for the last 6 months and I never had a single problem with it. It did a good job of protecting my USB drives, from falls, dirt and static and I am really pleased with it.

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SD pouchIf you are an avid photographer like me and need a similar product for your SD cards and SDHC cards then you can also look at this one – Eco-Fused Memory Card Carrying Case. It has8 Pages and 22 Slots for storing 4 large and 18 regular size memory cards. It is very handy for those who travel a lot (that is a given for professional photographers).

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