Capacitive Stylus Pen for Latest Smartphones

Capacitive Stylus Pen for Latest Smartphones

For iPad 4, iPhone 6 4.7″ 5 5S, Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 Tab 3 Note 3 , Moto X, Nexus 7, 10, iPad Air and LCD Touchscreen Tablets.



I had been searching for a Capacitive Stylus Pen for Latest Smartphones for a long time as I need to use them while playing or teaching chess in my academy. The reason I need it is because my Karbonn Cosmic 10 Tablet threw up on me (bless the brand and their customer service). I now can use it only by using a stylus as the touch screen seems insensitive to my fingers at times. It looks like this Karbonn Tab is possessed by an unseen force and despises my very touch (but that is another story for another day)!

StylusComing to the stylus I would recommend this particular one for two reasons. One is the fantastic reviews that seems to suggest itself and the other is the price. Most importantly the shipping of this stylus to other countries is available (atleast to India). Of course shipping rates and fees vary depending on the delivery address for your location so please check it out.

The Pros:

  1. Compatible With – iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Microsoft Surface pro, Note 3 and All Touchscreen Tablets.
  2. Portable in pen form.
  3. Point and type with ease and accuracy.
  4. Soft rubber tip to prevent scratching.
  5. Even senses the skin through your gloves.
  6. It’s three for the price of one. I feel that this helps when you misplace it.
  7. These CCM styluses have a small attachment that permits them to be attached to the iPad headphone jack.
  8. Most important is the pricing. Very affordable.

The Cons: None as far as I can see.

Buy here (read the very positive reviews here)


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