Camera Lens Coffee Mug

This superbly crafted high quality and intensely detailed camera lens is in fact a tea/coffee cup you can drink out of! This camera lens coffee cup makes for a good gift for photography hobbyists.

This Cup has a lid with a sipping outlet as a additional option.

I remember a good friend once gifted me a huge tea cup. I was shocked and asked him – “does anyone drink so much tea”?

He told me to look further inside.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the inner part of the cup was actually very small in size – like our regular tea cup! That was a long time ago and now after so many years I am seeing something similar. Hence this post.

Its not always that men care for kitchenware but looking at creative items like these that amalgamates tech ideas into kitchen gift utilities wants me to scream out loud to all my readers here that –

“This one is a cute gift for a Geek friend!

Make an impression when people see you drinking out of a Camera Lens Coffee Mug !!!

If you have any friend who is into photography – surprise him. At first he will be shocked  to see that there is nothing inside. I personally feel that, that is the moment when you feel that you have made a good choice of gift.

Camera Lens Coffee MugSome of your friends will look with awe when they catch sight of this strange Lens Mug.

They may even think that you broke a DSLR lens and that you converted it into a cup. Please assure them that the Lens Mug is far cheaper than a real camera lens and what’s more – it is washable.

Fill it with your drink of choice and use the included lens cover lid to maintain the temperature of your drink hot or cold.

Let me know if you liked it and more importantly if your friend liked it 🙂

Now… If you are from India – Get it here and gift it…

If you are in the US – please visit this page for similar choice of Camera Lens Coffee Mug.

And if you are in the UK or European Union just check out Camera Lens Coffee Mug in your area.
I am sure you will be very happy to gift it. Please post your comments and feedback!

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