Portronics UFO Home Charger 6 Ports 8A Charging Station

Portronics UFO Home Charger 6 Ports 8A Monster Charger – Charging Station.

Portronics UFO Home Charger 6 Ports 8A Charging StationA huge necessity in today’s world as we carry multiple smart devices at any given time. Tablets, Smartphone’s, Kindles, iPads, Headsets, Cameras and what not. There are so many gadgets that need to be charged-up to ensure that they operate properly. Worry no more, Portronics UFO Home Charger 6 Ports 8A Charging Station is here.

What if you can have a convenience of charging your devices through a single multi port charger? Instead of having a plethora of chargers all over the house, Portronics brings the most economical solution for charging the devices through one single device, UFO Home Charge 8A. This is one of the best innovative steps in this situation.

Now one can charge upto 6 devices at a time with just having the charging cables.

Highlights of Portronics UFO Home Charger 6 Ports 8A Charging Station:

  • 6 USB ports with 8A output for simultaneously charging smartphones and tablets.
  • Built-in smart IC, intelligently identify each connected device and speak its language
  • Guaranteeing the fastest charge time for every device (up to 8 Amps among 6 ports)
  • Over-voltage, Over-current, short-circuit protection design, safety approval.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Fully charged protection automatically
  • Special feature – Power status LED indicator (that also doubles up as a cute night lamp!)

This charger is fast enough to charge any power hungry device.

To read the positive reviews you can visit this page at amazon and check out for yourself!

This is a new generation extension board for all 5V devices that brings extreme convenience to all our homes and offices.So don’t miss this essential charging solution!


Cons: No warranty of any kind.

USB cableAnd if you need cables for going with this charger, try the MTT® [3 – Pack] 1.2 meter Premium Micro USB to USB Cable High Speed USB 2.0 Male A to Micro B for Android.


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Case Logic JDS-6 USB Drive Shuttle

Case Logic JDS-6 USB Drive Shuttle with Capacity of holding 6 USB pen drives – Black or Blue

Case Logic JDS-6 USB Drive ShuttleMost of us have more than 4 to 5 pen drives not counting the USB Wi-Fi adapters and Bluetooth Dongles. And there is always a lack of proper storage kit to keep them all safe together so that they are not misplaced and available easily when needed. Now there is one nifty little product where you can keep up to six USB drives in this case for easy access and organization. The Case Logic JDS-6 USB Drive Shuttle bag is a Folio style storage for USB drives and small accessories.

It has a zipper that secures your gadgets properly so you that can be sure they won’t fall out.

Case Logic JDS-6 USB Drive ShuttleWhat’s more, each USB drive slides into nylon mesh pockets.

The Case Logic JDS-6 USB Drive Shuttle Case is made up of nylon material with a neoprene exterior to safeguard your Pen drives.

I personally use it for housing a USB card reader, blue tooth dongle, small USB hub and . I still have room left for two different USB cables too, so I can keep everything I need in one place.

What’s more the pen drives are firmly held in place instead of wobbling around had it been packed in a polythene pouch.

As far as product life is concerned, I’ve had this thing for the last 6 months and I never had a single problem with it. It did a good job of protecting my USB drives, from falls, dirt and static and I am really pleased with it.

Read the great reviews here.

SD pouchIf you are an avid photographer like me and need a similar product for your SD cards and SDHC cards then you can also look at this one – Eco-Fused Memory Card Carrying Case. It has8 Pages and 22 Slots for storing 4 large and 18 regular size memory cards. It is very handy for those who travel a lot (that is a given for professional photographers).

For more such products visit this Amazon Page.
If you are in India try this link.

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Let’s see what are the best sellers in the gadget and accessory world online.

Let’s see what are the best sellers in the gadget and accessory world online.

Just hover over the image and see the price popping up!

For the teenager in your family –

Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-Ear Headphone
The build quality of this is decent. The headphone is very light and it can handle rough usage like drops, bangs etc. Remember that it is a pure music earphone so grab it before it goes out of stock.


For those who need some space –

Samsung Evo+ 32GB Class 10 micro SDHC Card Upto 80 Mbps speed (With adapter)

Memory Speed: Read up to 80MB/s with UHS-1 interface,Write up to 20MB/s with UHS-1 interface.
Remember that there are other cards having a lesser price for the same capacity (by the same manufacturer and others) but they have write speed of only 48 MB/s and hence they may be slightly cheaper.


For those who need more space –

Transcend StoreJet 25M3 2.5-inch 1TB Portable External Hard Drive

This one is USB 3.0 device (= faster transfer speeds) and backwards compatible with USB 2.0. Connection bandwidth up to 5GB/s. Durable anti-shock rubber outer case. Most importantly it has a 3 years warranty. Now isn’t that a sweet way to get some space?


For the serious work-from-home-aholic –

HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 All-in-One Printer

  • Easily set up this all-in-one to print, scan, and copy with simple controls;
  • Elegantly designed and pleasant colors.
  • Print Speed: 7.5 ppm (black and white), 5.5 ppm (color)
  • Paper capacity: 60 sheets
  • Maximum print resolution: 4800 x 1200 dpi


For the de-cluttering fanatic –

Logitech MK345 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Black)

  • Enjoy an awesome 3-year keyboard + 18-month mouse battery life, provided by energy efficient engineering
  • Wireless system: Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity
  • Spill-resistant design so you don’t have to worry about accidental spills.

Need anything else?


For those who like to work from anywhere at home –

Riona Bed Laptop Table with inbuilt Mobile Stand & Mousepad – RioDesk Ace (Wenge Sunrise)

The pic says it all! Not convinced? Click on the pic and see the epic! Great value addition and a gift idea!


For those who wanna have a serious work tone –

EON LED Table Lamp Rechargeable And Dimmable With Touch Sensor Switch Table Lamp with Free Eon Wall Charger

Perfect for reading at night or to use as a simple emergency light. Once charged, the battery lasts for a long time. Comes handy where there is a frequent power cut and need to use it for a few hours every day. Best part is that you need to recharge only 2-3 times in a week. Now that is called stamina!


Wait for more ideas in the next article. Comments and feedback are welcome!

Yu Yureka Accessories

Yu Yureka Accessories – Flip covers

Yu Yureka AccessoriesI have two suggestions for flip cases for Yureka (and Yureka plus). First one is slightly pricey than the second one but both have equal bang for the buck. Yu Yureka Accessories are hand-picked by me as its my favorite phone!

Mofi Vintage Leather with Back Flip Cover Case For Micromax YU Yureka

  • Leather flip case by mofi that is both classic and rugged.
  • Proper cut outs and buttons to prevent dust and debris.
  • Ultra thin,ultra light, perfect match for Yu Yureka and Yureka Plus.
  • A clear transparent protector is built in to the inner shell to prevent scratches and smudges.
  • Proper access to all features/buttons of the device including microphone, speaker camera etc.
  • Hands-free movie watching experience.

Get it from Amazon.

Pudini® Yusi Rain Series Leather Flip Cover Stand Case for Micromax Yu Yureka – Champagne Gold – This cover is specially for those who want very good  protection for Yureka. The quality of the cover is amazing, and adds quite a stylish punch to it. Most importantly it protects Yureka from the rigours of daily usage. It’s a tad heavy but that is a given for this quality – (its weight is ~ 60 Grams).
i highly recommend this cover if you want both – a classic look plus good protection. It comes in two colors – Champagne gold and Black. Take your pick!

Get it from Amazon.

Yu Yureka Accessories – Tempered glass for Yureka and Yureka Plus.

Yu Yureka AccessoriesCEDO Tempered Premium Glass Screen Protector for Micromax YU Yureka AO5510 / Yureka Plus +

You won’t be disappointed with this one.

Scratch Proof and Anti-Shatter: Tempered glass has one advantage that is if broken, the glass will break into small parts but stay in one piece, making it add an extra layer of safety for the glass screen of your phone. Also the high-grade tempered glass provides ultimate clarity.

For more details and positive, reviews and to order click this Amazon link.

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Change Default Printer for specific programs automatically

Change Default Printer for specific programs automatically – Here is how

Default Printer for specific programs
How to solve my problem?

Question form B. Lal: Dear Gadget Bhai – I have this scenario at my Wholesale and Retail business premise. I need to use three different printers for three separate purposes. One thermal printer for retail billing, one bare bones HP laser printer for wholesale invoices and one laser printer with separate trays for my emails/docs. How can I change the default printer for a specific program so that, every time I use a program for any of my above purposes, it automatically prints in the printer allocated specifically for that task? To be more specific – how to set the default printer automatically for different applications.

Gadget Bhai’s reply – Hi B. Lal! A very interesting question – something that is a challenge for most of use (and our usual response is to resign to the fate of manually changing the default printer in the Device manager settings).

I find it strange that with all the latest tweaks that Windows OS has undergone this feature is still lacking! It is not possible directly to set a default printer for the three or more applications that you may use using normal windows settings or by going to device manager.

To summarize – you have multiple printers connected to the computer and want to use a separate printer for different print jobs. Suppose you want to use “Printer 1” when printing a Retail invoice, “Printer 2” when printing a wholesale invoice, and “Printer 3” for emails or personal use. Instead of having to manually switch the default printer, wouldn’t it be easy if you can do it automatically for you?

Yes there is one software for such purposes. Here is how to solve the problem of automatically setting default printers for different apps.

Dream Host

It is called Automatic Printer Switcher, and as the name says, it is a tool where you can map a printer to a specific program window.

The APS application will start monitoring the open window and make the specified printer, the default one.

You can download it from here.

Click on the Download button.








After that you will have to click on the External mirror link in the next window.








Now run the installer and after it completes, launch the APS.

First thing that you must do is to open the three software applications and keep them minimized.

Now once you run the APS program, click ‘Add Program’ and a new window will pop up listing all your open program windows (that you previously minimized). Select one window from the list and choose the printer before clicking ‘Add Mapping’.

Default Printer for specific programs
APS Program window

Tip: In case your program is not listed properly then close them and re-open them one by one and see how they appear in the list. Alternatively, you can start to set the default printer in one of the known applications (like Firefox) so that the list gets refreshed automatically.

After allocating a specific printer for a specific application, you will find all printers mapped with the windows and listed on the main interface. You can also edit the list to change the printer, remove a program, or set a default printer again.

Default Printer for specific programs
How APS program window looks

After you minimize this APS program, it sits silently in the system tray monitoring the open windows.

All you have to do now is, click the Print button in any application and the APS program will automatically assign the mapped printer as default, and use it to print the documents.

Remember not to close or exit the APS program as otherwise you will not be able to set the default printers automatically for specific programs.

Bottom line: It is a useful tool for heavy users, business users and corporate houses since they do not have to worry about wrongly printing a document in a different printer and losing ink and paper.

Since there aren’t any complex settings, the entire process can be set up even by less experienced people and is not rocket science.

The application is not portable, meaning it has to installed in your PC and not in the USB drive.

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 and 8. We tested it on our system running Windows 8.1, 64-bit.

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I hope this helps B. Lal. Good luck!


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