Best UPS for heavy PC users at home
Best UPS for heavy PC users at home
Dear GadgetBhai, I would like to ask you which is the best UPS for heavy PC users at home, which fits my special need. You see I use my PC almost 24/7 and mainly for downloading stuff. I am not sure if I must go for the cheap UPS’ that seem pocket-friendly or to go for something that is better and delivers too. If there is one, then please suggest. My PC is Core I5 with 8 GB RAM and Windows 8.1. Moreover, will it have additional features? –Godwin Nadir

Ho there Godwin!

I see that you are a not a heavy user. I am sure that we can get a decent UPS for you. However, before I jump in and give you some suggestions as to best UPS for heavy PC users at home, I want to know if you can try these things as a trial. These steps will help you to think something out of the box.

Tip # 1 – Do you have a Laptop? If so, you may want to try using it for your special purpose of downloading stuff. This suggestion may seem simple but there is another angle to it. It will reduce your electricity bill and help you go green to a certain extent.

Tip # 2 – Try using an Android device for downloads. Nowadays there are many downloaders available for Androids and it will help reduce your dependence on PC for this simple act of downloading.

OK in case the above tips are not feasible for you then the best suggestion is to go for the best UPS solutions out there. No need to compromise on the quality as good quality would ensure you a long hassle-free performance while the low-quality ones will only bring misery if not selected properly.

That said I am going to suggest both these categories and let you choose one yourself.

Best UPS for heavy PC users at homeFor the heavy duty warhorse go to APC BR1100CI-IN UPS.

Provides good battery backups with decent loads.
LCD Display (has some useful information on it).
Decent Build quality.
Comes with Energy Savings Mode.
Comes with PowerChute UPS monitoring software.
Provides AVR Trim, AVR Boost and Surge Protection (very useful if you have voltage fluctuations in your area).
Warranty, Parts: 2 Years, Limited

Price:   INR 7,999.00 + 550.00 Delivery charge.

The only caveat is the Delivery charge. Hope Amazon reduces it or waivers it in the near future! 

Best UPS for heavy PC users at homeIn case of moderate usage my recommendation is:
Small and sleek looking UPS.
Has three Indian style sockets.
Decent rugged performance.
Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), 
Generator Compatibility (recharging with a gen backup running)


Battery is a tad expensive if you want to change after the life ends. The cost of battery is more or less the amount of a new UPS though this UPS has 2 years warranty, hence you would get some peace of mind till 2 years.

Price: 2,349.00 + 200.00 Delivery charge

And last but not the least as a sidenote – do take some time out considering this nifty and handy
Belkin F9E300zb1.5MGRY Essential Series 3-Socket Surge Protector surge protector to go with the above UPS. Even if you do buy some other brand don’t let this one pass.

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