Best OTG pen drives for smartphones and Tablets

What if I told you that you could use an USB device on a mobile without a mini-USB adapter cable? Chances are you may say no. However all that is set to change with the entry of ‘OTG’ USB pen drives. Let us have a look at three best OTG pendrives for smartphones and Tablets.

What is meant by OTG?

OTG stand for ‘On the Go‘. It means that basically you need just plug ‘n’ play. No need to waste time connecting some cables to make it compatible with some devices.

There are quite a few devices in the online market and I will be listing them here. I regularly buy and use such nifty devices to carry my projects and Chess syllabus, but when I see some good products I get an inclination to recommend it to my readers. Not many of you may have the time to choose a device, like these small but useful pen-drives, and that is where I feel this post will help.

Before you go ahead to buy, remember to access the data in these pendrives by using ES File explorer from the Google play store

The first in the list is : Kingston Data Traveler MicroDuo 16 GB OTG Pendrive.Best OTG pendrives for smartphones and Tablets


  • Small compact size.
  • Good read/write speed
  • Budget friendly.
  • Compatible with OTG supported phones.
  • 5 Years warranty.


  • Slight Heating problem when used in certain devices.
  • Not as fast as USB 3 Pendrive.

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The second in the list is: Sandisk Ultra Dual 16 GB USB 3.0 OTG Pendrive (Black)

Best OTG pendrives for smartphones and TabletsThis one is a USB 3.0 Device. Which means it will read/write faster but comes at a slightly higher price which in this case is not that big a difference, fortunately.

This device will pay for itself in the long run.

Pros: Good speed in read/write
Compact and saves time.
Compatible with OTG smartphones and all Computers and Laptops that have USB 3 ports. In case you do not have an USB 3 port it will reduce speed to USB 2 levels (backward compatible).

Cons: None

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The third in the list is: Sandisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 32 GB Pendrive (Black)

Best OTG pendrives for smartphones and TabletsThe third in the list is what I bought first: An USB-2.0  32 GB version of this device and I must say that it is wallet-friendly and also a wallet-partner as I keep it in my wallet with all the necessary data that I need and accompanies me 24/7

So I would recommend you to go for it without any further hesitation. It is a must for its sheer capacity and sturdy performance.

Pros: Compact size, Decent Speeds, Enough space to store almost everything
Cons: USB 2 means slower speed. But that too is negligible unless you are transferring a very large file.

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OTG Pendrives comparision chart

Quick glance at the different specs of the pen drives that are reviewed. Note that these are not merely tech comparisons but also usage comparisons.
Name of Product Kingston Data Traveler MicroDuo 16 GB GB PendriveSandisk Ultra Dual USB 16 GB Pendrive (USB 3.0)Sandisk Ultra Dual USB 32 GB Pendrive
Capacity16 GB16 GB32 GB
Write/Read Speed (Mbps)4-5 /20 25/2514/18
ConnectivityUSB 2.0USB 3.0 USB 2.0
Warranty5 YearsUnknownUnknown
Estimated price (in INR)450-550500 to 600850 to 950

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