Belkin F5L071ak200W AC Anywhere with USB Port

belkinThis one is a car charger that doubles up as an inverter. Amazing isn’t it? Today we are seeing a plethora of devices that we walk around with and the biggest headache is to keep them fully charged wherever we are. Belkin F5L071ak200W AC Anywhere fits into the car’s cigarette lighter socket and provides AC for laptops and USB ports charging option for your mobiles.

So what is the difference between this and the other USB chargers?

Simple – this one comes with an additional port to power up your laptop!

Yes folks you heard me right! With this nifty Belkin F5L071ak200W AC anywhere charger you can charge anything from your laptop to your mobile phone, your electronic shaver and what not.

It comes with an inbuilt cooling fan to regulate the temperature and protects it from getting over heated.

The AC anywhere perfectly fits into the cigarette lighter socket in the car and converts the DC power to AC power so that you stay connected at all times.

What I liked about this one is that it also has a LED power indicator which lets you know about the remaining power in the portable inverter.

And a word of caution: Do not switch ‘ON’ the car / crank the car while this is connected to the cigarette lighter. A car extracts maximum power from the battery during startup and having this connected could drain/stress the car battery so connect the inverter only after the engine is started (thanks Bhavin!).

Now you don’t have to buy a USB car charger or a DC to AC inverter. This awesome device gives you both of them in one compact kit!

Get the Belkin F5L071ak200W AC Anywhere here.


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