Belkin Charger for Tablets and Mobile – Nowadays almost every electronic communication device comes with own charger as a standard accessory in the package. And when there is a problem with the charger or if the charger gets misplaced somewhere, one has to run helter-skelter for a replacement.

And guess what? Almost every time we make the mistake of getting any charger that is sold in the electronics and mobile shops, by just checking if the charging indicator shows the charging animation.

That is where the fun starts. We realize after its too late that the charging time takes a hit. What usually charged in 2-3 hours with the original adapter, now takes 7-10 hours. So is there any reason for this?

As with all electronic components there is a specification and when the specs are not met there will be a degradation in performance.

In such cases its almost always too late that we realize we must have got a better product for the purpose of charging our devices. After all we take great care to select the best device in the first place so it does seem apt to get a suitable charging accessory instead of compromising on the same.

So if you are facing a dilemma look no further. The Belkin Charger for Tablets and Mobile with Micro USB to USB Charge and Sync Cable) is a nifty little charger that powers up well to your devices’ expectations. It is a premium charger for Tablets and Mobile bundled with Micro USB Sync/Charger Cable.

Its main features are:

  • Compatible with many smartphones and tablets
  • Output: 2.1A (robust for today’s devices)
  • Ultra compact design (travel-friendly)
  • Micro-USB cable (4 feet length)

 If you are from India Get the device here.

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