I keep getting asked this question whenever I meet friends. I Virusknow its a no-brainer for most of you but when it comes to the real world there are far more people out there who do not know a thing about computers other than having seen them in the offices.

The first question in this regard is:
“Are Anti-Virus Programs (AV) really needed when you have the  Microsoft’s inbuilt Bit Defender?”

The next usual question is “Which one is the best?”

I have of late been assigned the job of an in-house tech guy to call for, whenever their PC goes kaput. Sadly I get no money out of it. Jus’ jokin’ fellas! What are family/friends for?

Coming to the question: 

My advice is that if you are a heavy internet user but not very savvy in the tech department you need to definitely get one. Period.

The two main culprits, in my opinion, are unsafe links (like in phishing e-mails) and spyware-infested downloads usually cracks or keygens. One click of mal-link can steer you to a site that, just by visiting installs malware on your PC. Also many software sites are filled with graphic ads that appear  as download buttons. You innocently click one, thinking you are downloading a particular program, but when you go to install it, boom: malware zone!

While Windows 8.1 does offer a robust security shield I have to say that today’s threats are evolving like crazy. Your PC may be shielded from what comes from the wire or wireless internet (it may not even be used for accessing the internet).  
But what if the threat is local – like an USB stick that has been popped in a net cafe? Get what I mean? You may be allowing these critters in without your knowledge!

I am sure the cost of a decent AV will pay you more in the long run. Most importantly it will reduce the heartache of data loss. Money can replace all the hardware in the world but not the data. That too your priceless personal data.

Good AVs perform better than the free ones for sure. So if you do not have the idea to buy in the near future I suggest you to install the trial versions at the least. And if you do want to get one here is a list of the good ones (some that I have used over the years) with no mishaps whatsoever.

My personal favorite is without doubt – ESET.

Deals on ESET (60% OFF) – valid as on Apr – 10th 2015

And guess what – they are offering a whopping 60% discount for now. So rush in and grab your deal.

My personal choice for most of the home purposes would be the ESET Smart Security packages.

For single PC Eset Smart Security Version 8 – 1 PC, 1 Year (CD) (INR 399/- As on today)

For 2-3 PCs (including Laptops) Eset Smart Security – 2015 Edition (8) – 3 Pc / 1 Year  (INR 1190/-)

Tip: If you have 4-5 systems at home go ahead and get the 5 PC-1 year pack. It works cheaper.

Eset Business Security Pack – 5 PCs, 1 Year (DVD) (INR 3866/-)

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