Amkette Tango FDD737BL

Amkette Tango FDD737BLMeet the Amkette Tango FDD737BL – Share your music headphones! The chance that you may have never used an earphone to listen to music is almost zero.

But the chance that you may have seen headphones with sharing function is high! We  love listening to good music with headphones and Earbuds (in-ear phones).

So how about sharing your music with your friends!?

If you want to try out a decent headphone that comes with decent quality rendering and also the ability to share with another friend I would suggest checking out the Amkette Tango FDD737BL Trubeats Tango Wired Headphone.

Amkette Tango FDD737BL - Share your music

These headphones were designed with sharing in mind. 

Amkette Tango FDD737BL - Share your musicThe headband adjusts to comfortably fit little kids’ heads and up, and the bright colored decals that they come in (totally 4 variants) will appeal to most everyone. And best of all, the sound quality is quite good featuring the bass-rich Trusound that will provide you with well balanced treble, high and low mid sounds. Its USP is the thumping bass that will make you feel like watching a live concert (popcorn not provided!).

Amkette Tango FDD737BLAnother thing I liked was the portability. You can fold it neatly and save some space in your bag.


Mic: Integrated mic that supports internet calling via skype or hangouts in laptop /desktop No Muffled sound.Sharing: There is a aux out 3.5mm jack that you can connect to any headphone or headset or speaker system and listen with your friends/family.Portable/fold-able – Easy to slug it around.

Gold plated 3.5 mm angled input jack that allows to you connect with almost any media device.

Cons: While the quality may not be top notch as the high-end ones due to pricing constraints it does quite well with what best resources the company has put in for that price range. Seems like the only shortcoming in my view. 
This product comes with 1 year Limited Hardware Warranty  
For the curious folks, there’s a 3.5mm port on the right ear cup that allows for connecting another headphone so that two people can listen to the same audio/music.

For sharing with more people, I recommend the Belkin 5-way headphone splitter. Do note that, as inherent with any audio splitter, there’s a loss in the audio levels when you connect a secondary headphone.

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