Access your internet connection in distant rooms

Access your internet connection in distant rooms of your large house.

Access your internet connection in distant roomsIf you have a large house the chances are that you may be having a lot of difficulty accessing your internet connection in some of the faraway distant rooms. Even if you do access the internet the signal may be so weak that it would look like your high speed broadband internet connection was a 2G network! So what’s the solution in such cases? Buying an inexpensive and practically easy to setup the powerline networking kits.

  • The traditional ways to extend you internet signal is by laying a large amount of CAT5 Ethernet cables from your Router to the far off room but this results in a difficult to maintain setup and loss of speed.
  • You can setup a second wireless router (that is unused) as a repeater but this also has setting up issues and requires you to have an extra router in the first place!

Now what is a powerline networking kit?

These kits are extremely small and quite easy to setup and run. Just plug the bridge unit into your existing router’s unused LAN port and and the nearest electrical outlet – and – then – plug the switch unit into the Ethernet port of your PC where you need to access the internet and its nearest power outlet.

Simply speaking this kit will utilize your power supply line to transmit the high speed internet data to wherever you need that too at approximately 200-300 Mbps speed!

Most of the powerline networking adapters will work in homes that are as large as 4000 sq.feet in space. They will work between two outlets as long as they share the same electrical line and do not have any power strip or surge protectors or circuit breakers between them. In such cases you may need to call your Electrician and ask him to ensure that the rooms have teh same electrical line shared.

These kits are not very expensive as they begin at ~30USD and will allow you to connect around 3-4 devices at their end points.

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