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About Me

About Me

Who am I?


My name is Kish and my love for personal computers. chess and gadgets began back in 2002, the golden age of the PC era. I was a businessman with a lot of free time and passionate about technology and gadgets as a kid. I was introduced to online chess playing sites by a friend who prodded me for my lack of even the basic knowledge in computer terminology. That was when I decided to rent a computer for a month or so to get a feel of the various functionality in a PC. That was it. I took to the PC medium as a fish in water. After “playing” with that awesome (for that time) machine for just a few minutes I was hooked! Before long, I had one of my own. I have owned at least one computer ever since the day I brought that baby home (at present I have 6-7 systems lying around).

My entire life energy was thrown into the mysterious world of hardware and software and I eventually bought myself a Pentium 1 GHz system which was quite a feat; almost a marvel of technology at that time! I adored all the tech talk given by my computer friends who visited and installed it. I remember the first time I assembled it at home when to my shock I realized that I had forgotten to bring the darned VGA cord! That day was a start in my colorful world in the computer-dom and I am still learning many new things from different sources.  I am no means there yet in terms of what is still there to learn. For example, I still do not know how to use a Linux or Mac OS but I think it will be done in due course.

Fast forward to a few years. There were IBM and Dell “clones” popping up everywhere, and along with them came countless shops selling computer parts such as cases, motherboards, RAM, hard drives…everything you needed to build a PC clone in your basement. Well, I ordered the necessary parts and built one, and much to my surprise it worked the first time I hit the power switch. Boy, I was hooked like a kid in a toy store!

Eventually I dabbled in building computers to sell at a profit. I also started buying second hand PCs and made a decent cash out of it. However, some recessions and the widespread availability of first hand PCs pretty much removed the steam. Moreover, almost everyone now has a PC or a laptop.

My PC endeavors quickly moved from building PCs to upgrading and repairing them. I moved around with many engineers and soon I was the one teaching a few tricks to them.

I had come full circle!

The problem with these engineers was/is that they are masters of one aspect while I was a ‘Jack of all trades’! So that made me a go-to man for my local engineers when they had any software related doubts. In return, most of my repairs by them were free!

These days I spend most of my time building websites, forums and blogs, but I still enjoy “popping the hood” on a PC and upgrading or repairing something. I have recently became interested in smartphones after discovering how well they render common tasks similar to the PCs and sometimes even better than them.

The purpose of this blog is to share my insights and experiences with you, and hopefully learn some new things myself while I am at it. After all, we are never too old or too experienced to learn, especially with us living during an era when computer technology changes virtually by the day.

I hope you will return regularly and daily to find out what is new. For those who are curious, I named this site ‘Gadget Bhai’ because Bhai in Hindi means brother. I plan to post interesting articles in this field every day. Most of my ideas come from the WWW but the interpretations and reviews are entirely mine.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate it very much!

Kish Kumar – GadgetBhai.com